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about us

Recognizing the difficulties and challenges in accessing effective helpthoughts and things was established with a commitment to providing warm, friendly, and collaborative support, whilst offering highly skilled clinicians in delivering evidence-based intervention.


Accessing professional support can be a daunting process. Making the decision to seek help, sifting through the range of services, making contact with these services, and arranging a time to begin, before finally meeting your clinician. By this stage, you hope to have chosen a practice that is the right 'fit' and offers effective support.

The practice actively steps away from ‘sterile’ and ‘medical’ clinical settings, and ‘cold’ clinicians to meet you with vibrant psychologists who offer a safe and inviting space. We believe our mission reduces the need to 'shop around' for psychologists who can vastly vary in style and attitudes to clinical care, which can be an incredibly frustrating process.

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